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Maximum Payload. Premium Comfort and Style. Flawless Fit & Finish. You can have it all with a Ram®️ Mega Cab®️, Long Bed Truck Conversion by Sambassador Trucks.

Dodge Ram Mega Cab, Long Bed Truck Conversions that Look Like They were built on the Factory Floor...

We convert your Mega Cab truck to a long-bed truck that looks like it comes from the factory. Want something more custom? You dream it, we can build it!

Factory Long-Beds

Just what it sounds like. We convert your factory short-bed Mega Cab truck into a Long-Bed truck that looks factory built. Ah, that storage is nice.

Custom-Bed Trucks

Got a shed delivery or long-haul truck that needs a custom bed configuration? You name it, we'll build what you need within your budget.

Ram Truck Accessories

We have a wealth of resources for Ram truck parts & Accessories. We install and customize your Ram Mega Train truck to make it truly yours.

Why Convert Your Mega Cab to Mega-Train?

From the factory, Ram's Mega Cab trucks are only available in the short bed configuration so truck owners have had to compromise bed space for the larger cab space.

Sambassador Trucks erases the short bed compromise by converting your Mega Cab into a new Mega-Train long bed truck that looks factory, rides smoother, and increases your bed space to the standard 8 ft box. Mega-Train Trucks do not compromise on safety, or towing capacity. The stretched frame is built stronger than new.

Erases the short-bed compromise MegaCab owners have had to make previously.

Mega Train Trucks look factory, ride smoother, and increases bed space to a standard 8 foot box.

Our long-bed conversions do not compromise safety, frame integrity, or towing capacity. 

Building Your Mega Cab, Long Bed Truck Conversion

The process is simple. Contact Us with info about your project. We'll put together pricing and approximate timing. Need something custom? We thrive on challenges, bring it on!

  • Custom Frames & Bed FittingWe stretch your truck's frame to fit a standard long bed truck bed. Our custom fabrication is built stronger than the original.
  • Make It Yours - Over-the-road truck? Shed hauler truck? Welding truck? Custom mods & fabrication delivers a truck that just yours.
  • Flawless Fit & FinishWe pride ourselves in the meticulous execution of your project. You'll take home a truck you'll be proud to drive many years down the road.

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Whats the pricing & turnaround time?

Pricing and turn around can vary greatly depending on your specific needs, and our current schedule. The best way to find out is give us a call or shoot us an email with some details on what you're needing, and we'll get you an accurate estimate for both price and time.

Do you make custom beds?

We typically start with an "off-the-shelf" bed, then we will further mod it as needed. Examples include custom beds for shed hauling trucks, such as Mule carriages and 5th wheels.

Does it weaken the frame to extend it?

Lengthening your Mega Cab to a Long Bed will not compromise the factory strength or load or towing capacity. All frame mods are engineered to be stronger than the original.

Will converting void my Warranty?

Converting your Mega Cab to long bed does not affect the engine or drivetrain (ie - any extra components like the standard length driveshaft are OEM or better specs) so your drivetrain warranty should not be affected. However, it's up to individual dealerships to honor it, so if in doubt, its best to ask/get it in writing.